Here is an example for a text annotated using JGloss. It is the story "Kari no Douji" by Kenji Miyazawa. I downloaded the original text from the Blue Sky Collection. As you may have already noticed, my English is not perfect, and my Japanese is even worse. The translations are only chosen to allow basic understanding and will often be imprecise or just plain wrong.

A website with information about Kenji Miyazawa and his stories is here. An English translation of "Kari no Douji" is available there. Here is the JGloss file from which the following documents where generated.

First an example of the HTML export function. The generated document uses a subset of the Ruby Annotation XHTML specification to display the readings in browsers which support it (currently only recent versions of the Microsoft Internet Explorer). In other browsers, if the neccessary JavaScript functions are available, the readings are shown in a tooltip popup and in the status bar. The translations are also displayed using JavaScript tooltips and in the status bar.

JGloss also supports exporting in LaTeX and plain text format:

  • Here is a LaTeX example, TeXed from this source file and converted to PDF with the Ghostscript ps2pdf tool. This is my favorite export format. Here is an alternative version with the translation list at the end of the document (source).
  • Plain text output can also be generated. Here is the text with reading and translation annotations and here the text with readings only.
  • The list of annotations can be exported to a file.
  • Finally, here is a printout of the document, generated via print to file and converted to PDF using Ghostscript's ps2pdf tool.