JGloss Changes

Release History

Version Date Description
2.1.2 2015-05-09  
2.1.1 2013-06-16  
2.1.0 2013-05-20  
2.0 Alpha 3 2004-06-06  
2.0 Alpha 2 2004-02-02  
2.0 Alpha 1 2003-02-02  
2.0 Alpha 0 2003-02-02  
1.0.10 2004-06-06  
1.0.9 2004-04-04  
1.0.8 2004-03-03  
1.0.7 2004-02-02  
1.0.6 2002-08-08  
1.0.5 2002-06-06  
1.0.4 2002-05-05  
1.0.3 2002-03-03  
1.0.2 2002-02-02  
1.0.1 2002-01-01  
1.0 2001-12-12  
0.9.4 2001-11-11  
0.9.3 2001-09-09  
0.9.2 2001-08-08  
0.9.1 2001-07-07  
0.9 2001-06-06  

Release 2.1.2 - 2015-05-09

Type Changes By
update Updated certificate and security attributes. Java Web Start should now work without security errors.
update Removed Java version number in most places in preparation of the Java 8 migration.
update Delete multiple entries at once in the exclusion list dialog.
update Fix NullPointerException when importing documents with Chasen.
update Fix Chasen start on Windows.
update Fixed dictionary precedence in Chasen import.
update Handle EDICT2 extended format found in recent versions of wadokudict.

Release 2.1.1 - 2013-06-16

Type Changes By
add The JGloss web start files are now signed with an official certificate as "Open Source Developer, Michael Koch".
add JGloss download files and Maven artifacts are now PGP signed.
add Added home page links to help menu and empty document page.

Release 2.1.0 - 2013-05-20

Type Changes By
update JGloss now requires at least Java 7.
add Support for EDICT2 dictionary format.
update The dictionary lookup dialog now performs searches immediately (no more search button).
add Priority entries are now preferred for annotations.
add An empty JGloss document now shows a panel with the most imporant actions.
add Opening JGloss 1 documents is now supported.
update Maven is now used for build and site generation.
The search options are no longer stored in the preferences.
Removed platex export templates. The Latex-CJK templates work just as well.
Removed compact view option because it never worked properly.
fix Fixed search history.
fix Reduced ChaSen termination timeout to 1 second, because it doesn't terminate normally. Thanks to Andreas Winter.
update Don't change current selection on mouseclick in empty screen area. Thanks to Andreas Winter.
add View is automatically scrolled to show selected annotation. Thanks to Andreas Winter.

Release 2.0 Alpha 3 - 2004-06-06

Type Changes By
add Support for UTF-8 encoded KANJIDIC dictionary files.
add New option to import text without adding annotations.
update Changed JGloss documentation format to XML Docbook.
update Docbook XSL and FOP is now used for generation of documentation.
update Ant is now used for builds.

Release 2.0 Alpha 2 - 2004-02-02

Type Changes By
update Changed dictionary format detection to work with more EDICT and WadokuJT versions.
add Support for UTF-8 encoded EDICT files.
add Explanation dialog for unrecognized dictionary formats.

Release 2.0 Alpha 1 - 2003-02-02

Type Changes By
fix Fixed JGloss startup with uninitialized prefs.
fix Fixed HTML export.
add Added LaTeX export.

Release 2.0 Alpha 0 - 2003-02-02

Type Changes By
update Extended dictionary functionality.
add Document window now includes word lookup panel.
update Annotated words are looked up when selected, not only during document import.
update Redesign and rewrite of many internals.
update Java2 1.3 is no longer supported, minimum version is 1.4.
fix Some features from JGloss 1.0.x are still missing in this release.

Release 1.0.10 - 2004-06-06

Type Changes By
add support for UTF-8 encoded KANJIDIC dictionary files

Release 1.0.9 - 2004-04-04

Type Changes By
fix fixed index creation and search for EDICT-UTF8 dictionary format
fix fixed ChaSen parsing bug

Release 1.0.8 - 2004-03-03

Type Changes By
fix fixed bug in dictionary loading which made the preferences window unuseable

Release 1.0.7 - 2004-02-02

Type Changes By
update changed dictionary format detection to work with more EDICT and WadokuJT versions.
add support for UTF-8 encoded EDICT files (only with Java2 1.4).
add explanation dialog for unrecognized dictionary formats.
remove removed annotatehml startup option.

Release 1.0.6 - 2002-08-08

Type Changes By
update Improved keyboard navigation.
add Added best match search option to word lookup.
add Added automatic lookup of clipboard content to word lookup.
add Added keyboard shortcut for Import Clipboard.
fix Changed combo box in word lookup dialog to text field to work around a bug in the JRE 1.4 Windows Look & Feel. This fixes the need to push the "Search" button twice.
update Changed GDICT name to WadokuJT.
fix Fixed WadokuJT implementation regex which would hang JGloss for a few entries.
fix Fixed access of A drive dialogs when using file dialogs with Windows and JRE 1.3.

Release 1.0.5 - 2002-06-06

Type Changes By
update Improved paragraph detection on text import.
add Added XML export option.
fix Fixed memory leak. Now all memory used by a document is released after the document window is closed.
fix Fixed font size bug where occasionally the font size of the readings/translations would be wrong if no background color is selected.
fix Fixed selection of KANJIDIC dictionaries in the word lookup dialog.

Release 1.0.4 - 2002-05-05

Type Changes By
add Added template-based LaTeX-export.
update For long translations, a shorter translation entry is automatically added (mainly noticeable with GDICT).
add Font and font size of word lookup result is now configurable.
add Added font auto-configuration option to style settings.
fix Bug fixes to GDICT entry parsing.
fix Fixed reading generation for mixed Katakana-Kanji words.
fix Fixed handling of infix ke which is read as ka in new annotation creation.
fix Fixed font autodetection under J2SE 1.4.
fix Fixed LaTeX export under J2SE 1.3.
fix Fixed large result list in word lookup scrolls to end bug.

Release 1.0.3 - 2002-03-03

Type Changes By
add Added support for GDICT dictionaries (J2SE 1.4 required).
update Reimplementation of EDICT using the NIO API (J2SE 1.4 required). Improved load time and decreased RAM usage.
add Added escaping of characters not supported by EUC-JP to the user dictionary.
update The document view will truncate long translations to improve the layout. This does not affect the length of translations in export formats.
fix Fixed EDICT index creation and search bugs. To increase search accuracy you should delete all old .jjdx index files.
update Rendering of the document pane is now done in the background.
update Document rendering speed improvement for J2SE 1.4.
update Decreased perceived startup time by deferring dictionary loading until after the main window is created.
fix Better error handling when opening dictionaries.
update Improved KanjiDic load time.
update The annotation list dialog now defaults to the last used directory.
add Use of J2SE 1.4 prefs API if available. Old .jgloss preference settings will be migrated automatically.

Release 1.0.2 - 2002-02-02

Type Changes By
add Annotation editor now remembers it's width.
fix Fixes for J2SE 1.4 incompatibilities.
fix Fixed all tree nodes are editable bug.

Release 1.0.1 - 2002-01-01

Type Changes By
add Added user interface font selection to style preference panel.
add Font autodetection on first startup. JGloss tries to set reasonable default fonts depending on the system.
add Added option to set the document title.
update LaTeX export uses document title as page header.
add Added a text field to the import dialog into which Japanese text can be pasted. This obsoletes the -p command line option, which is removed.
add Added UTF-16 encodings to import encoding selection.
add Keyboard shortcut: typing delete while an annotation node is selected clears the translation.
update Katakana words are no longer annotated with hiragana readings when a word/reading is selected.
add Last selected annotation is remembered between saves.
fix Import Clipboard now works under X11.
fix Fixed display of dictionary entries without readings in long word lookup results.
fix Fixed button sizes in dictionary and exclusion list preferences.
fix Fixed adding annotation with reading but no translation.
fix Fixed saving of the preferences and user dictionary if the application is quit by other means than closing all windows.

Release 1.0 - 2001-12-12

Type Changes By
update Improved handling of long result lists in word lookup dialog.
remove Removed the dummy print menu item from the word lookup dialog.
fix Fixed exception thrown if the document window is closed while a document is loaded.
remove Removed the "enable direct editing" entry from the preferences dialog since this feature is buggy and can break the document if not used with care. If you still want to use it, add the line "editor.enableeditingcheckbox=true" to the ".jgloss" preferences file.
update Verb inflection in word lookup dialog will not be used any longer for hiragana-only search expressions.
update Find dialog defaults to currently selected text.
add Added file chooser icons for some file types.
add LaTeX export can now alternatively put translations at the end of the document.
update Improved LaTeX translation formatting.
remove Removed character set selection from LaTeX export dialog, since platex does not work with all charsets. LaTeX export defaults to EUC-JP encoded files.
add Word lookup window now remembers its size.
add Left-clicking an annotated word now selects the annotation. This behavior can be changed in the preferences.
update Style changes in the preferences are only applied once to open documents.
add When annotating a word manually, the first reading and translation are now automatically selected.
fix Fixed treatment of special characters /, @ and | in annotations when saving and loading documents.
update Changed default font sizes.
add Added Use Reading/Translation entry to annotation context menu.
add Clicking in unannotated text now deselects the current annotation.
add Delete key on a reading or translation node now clears the text.
fix Dictionaries preferences now prevents adding the same dictionary file twice.
remove Removed the Annotations Follow Mouse setting, since it no longer makes sense with the changes in the annotation editor behavior.
fix Fixed display of reading in annotation popups.

Release 0.9.4 - 2001-11-11

Type Changes By
update Improved handling of reading annotations in imported text; ChaSen parser can now be used with texts with reading annotations.
update Changed annotation editor to only expand tree for selected annotation. This speeds up document display and decreases memory usage.
add Added find option.
add Added open recent menu.
add Input focus can be switched to annotation editor with TAB key.
fix Fixed escaping of special characters in LaTeX export.
update Enlarged text input fields in annotation editor.
fix Fixes to JGloss-WWW.

Release 0.9.3 - 2001-09-09

Type Changes By
add Annotations can now have more than one reading. In a word with more than one kanji substring, a reading is added for every substring. Non-kanji substrings don't get a reading annotation.
update Changed HTML generation. The generated HTML is now simpler, but may not work as well as previously with browsers which don't support ruby elements.
add There are now two text parsers, the previous "Kanji" parser and a parser which uses the ChaSen morphological analysis tool.
add Manual annotation addition now displays a dialog which lets you look up the annotation in the dictionaries before you add it.
fix Fixed bug where the document would sometimes scroll to a different location if a reading/translation is changed.
fix Fixed document name setting in save as.
fix Fixed JJDX creation for dictionaries with more than 500.000 index entries.

Release 0.9.2 - 2001-08-08

Type Changes By
add Added dialog for looking up words in the dictionaries.
fix Extreme speedup of EDICT lookups. The old entry match test was really broken.
update Changed EDICT indexing algorithm. The new algorithm is faster and uses far less RAM.
add Added French translation, contributed by Alexandre Beraud (currently incomplete).
add Added paste import window. Text pasted in this window will be imported in a new JGloss document. This is mainly useful for working with the X primary selection. It is accessible with the -p command line option.
add Added composite verb detection to parser.
add Added user dictionary.
add Added dictionary form node to annotation editor. This allows greater control over what will be written in LaTeX and annotation list exports.
add Added "use for all" function.
add HTML export: files now show reading and translation in popup windows in browsers which support the neccessary JavaScript functions, and in the status bar.
add Added command line option -a, which annotates Japanese words in a HTML page with dictionary entries.
update Creation of the preferences panel and loading of the dictionaries now happens in the background. This decreases the perceived startup time.
fix Popup menus will be positioned to always fit on the screen.
add A dialog will ask for confirmation before existing files are overwritten.
add An extension will automatically be added to file names if no extension is given by the user.
add Opening an already open document will bring the existing window to the front.
add Added file format version numbering.
add Added a JGloss servlet. The servlet proxies web pages and annotates them with Japanese translations.

Release 0.9.1 - 2001-07-07

Type Changes By
add Added support for KANJIDIC dictionaries.
add Added support for SKK word-reading dictionaries.
add Added command line option for dictionary format detection.
add Added word exclusion list to automatic annotation.
add Added index file format JJDX, which can be used instead of XJDX index files. JGloss will create the index if none is found.
add Added command line options for JJDX creation and opening JGloss files.
add Added command to remove duplicate annotations.
update Improved HTML import. Still not very useful, though.
update Speeded up initial display of documents. Unfortunately, it is still slow.
add The annotation editor shows readings/translations for hidden annotations.
update LaTeX: changed ruby size in ruby-annotation.sty
add Hidden annotations are not expanded after a document is loaded.
fix Fixed addition of space character when starting editing of readings or translations.
fix Fixed apply button in preferences dialog not working.
fix Fixed unchecking background color settings will not change colors.
fix Fixed using 'n' to select next annotation expands hidden annotations.
fix Fixed scrolling of document when using 'n'.
fix Fixed cancel button when adding annotations manually.

Release 0.9 - 2001-06-06

Type Changes By
add Initial release.