The Preferences Dialog

The preferences dialog contains four panels, one with general preferences, one for setting the visual appearance of the annotated document, one for managing the dictionaries and one for editing the list of words excluded from annotation. You can access the dialog by selecting Preferences from the Edit menu.


You can select the window opened on startup with the Open empty JGloss document and Open Word Lookup dialog radio buttons. The function of the left mouse button is changed in the Left-clicking an annotated word section of the dialog. The text parser used when importing the clipboard content can be selected in the Import Clipboard Parser section of the dialog. See the section called “Text Parser selection” for details. You can set the location of the ChaSen parser program in the ChaSen executable text field. It usually is /usr/bin/chasen under Unix or c:\Program Files\chasen21\chasen.exe under Windows. If the program cannot be found, the ChaSen parser will not be available.


The Japanese User Interface Font lets you choose the font used in the display elements of JGloss. If the default Java fonts don't contain Japanese characters or you want to use a different font, select the Use this font radio button and choose a font from the list. Note that not all fonts in the list can display Japanese characters.

The other font selection options determine the fonts used in the word lookup result list and in the document view. Select a font by using the popup menu. The font size can be selected from the popup menu to the right, or you can enter the font size manually if it is not in the list. You can select a different background color by clicking on the button with the color label, or disable the use of a background color by unchecking the set background color checkbox. The Highlight color ... button lets you select the color which is used for highlighting the currently selected annotation in the document view.


In this dialog you can set the dictionaries which are used when importing a text or adding annotations to a document manually. Download dictionaries... opens a dialog which lets you download and install common dictionaries. Click on Add dictionary file to add one or more dictionaries to the list which you have downloaded yourself. JGloss currently supports dictionaries in EDICT2 and KANJIDIC format. To remove a dictionary from the list, select it and click Remove entry.

Since the automatic annotation process will search the dictionaries in the order in which they are displayed in the list and will use the first entry found as default annotation, you should put your preferred dictionary at the top. Select one of the dictionaries and click Move entry up or Move entry down do move it to the desired position.


This dialog lets you manage the list of words excluded from automatic annotation. When you import a document, no annotations will be added for the words in this list. You can export and import the list by using the corresponding buttons. The format of the list is simply one word per line.